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The Hub Portreath Workshop

Our workshop is set up to help you with running repairs to get you back on your bike as soon as possible. We will always try to help with smaller running repairs while you waitWhile we fix your puncture we will also give your bicycle a look over and let you know if any other work might be required.

And you can enjoy some cake and coffee while you wait!

For more significant repairs and maintenance, you can book your bike in for one of our services by our experienced team.  And if you are due an E-bike service we are Bosch authorised and can carry out full diagnostics on your treasured ebike.

Whether it's a tune up or a full overhaul, we can ensure your electric, mountain or road bike is giving you the best performance possible.

Workshop Running Repairs

Jobs we can handle while you wait are:

  • Punctures and tyre fitting
  • Replacement brake and gear cables
  • Accessory fitting (pedals, racks, grips, saddles, lights, mudguards etc) 
  • Nut and bolt checks

 For more significant repairs and maintenance, you can book your bike in for one of our service.

Workshop Maintenance

Free Visual Health Check

Bring your bike in and we will run a free visual health check of your bike to identify any potential problems you might have.

General Bike Maintenance

As well as bike servicing, our Cytech mechanics can carry out a wide range of general bike maintenance jobs. From gear cable fitting and brake bleeding to headset replacement and pannier rack fitting we’ll make sure your bike is ready for your next adventure on the trail or road.

The Hub Portreath Bike Servicing

Bike Check & Tune

We’ll give your bike a basic check over to make sure all of the major components including your gears and brakes are working efficiently and performing at their best before you hit the road or trail. 

This service includes:

  • Inspection of the frame and forks for damage
  • Brakes adjustment
  • Gears adjustment
  • Bolts checked and tightened
  • Headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings checked for free movement
  • Recommendations for any future work

General Service

Our general bike service includes a good clean of the bike, degreasing and re-alignment of your gears, brakes, frame and forks to make sure your bike keeps rolling on more efficiently and for longer. 

This services includes:

  • Frame and forks wiped down and alignment checked
  • Wheels and drivetrain degreased and re-greased
  • Brakes and gears cleaned and re-aligned

Gold Service

Our full bike service is something we recommend you do at least once a year to help keep your bike working well and to help prevent any unforeseen breakages that may ruin your day’s riding.  

This service includes:

  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned, refitted and set up
  • Wheels cleaned and trued, hubs adjusted for play as necessary
  • Brakes cleaned and re-aligned
  • Bottom bracket, headset and seatpost removed, checked and refitted and greased

Platinum Service

Our Platinum Bike Service includes a complete bike strip down and re-build. 

This services includes everything in the Gold Bike Service above plus:

  • Hubs stripped down and rebuilt with fresh grease
  • Full cables (inner and outer) fitted
  • New bar tape fitted on road bikes
  • Hydraulic brakes bled

Bike Suspension Service

Keep your suspension forks and rear shocks working at their best with regular servicing. We will remove your forks, send them away for servicing by an appropriate partner or manufacturer and refit them for you.

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