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Great Flat Lode

Where: Mineral Tramways

Distance: 7½ miles (12km)

Overview: This is a short, circular off road walk or cycle that circles the historic hilltop site of Carn Brea. The route is one of Cornwall's Mineral Tramway Trails which take you on a tour of the disused mines of the county. You will pass South Wheal Frances and South Crofty mines as you head through some beautiful Cornish countryside. Good access points are Camborne or Redruth train stations, or the car park at Treskillard.

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The Great Flat Lode Trail is approximately 12 km long.  It is a circular route around the Camborne-Redruth mining district.  Amongst other sights, it takes in King Edward Mine at Carn Brea. Most of the trail is off-road.  The trail is named after the mining vein which was the centre of the tin and copper mining activities and is centred around Carn Brea, a Neolithic settlement occupied between 3700 and 3400 BC.  At the highest point of the hill is a 90-feet high  Celtic cross,  erected as a monument to Francis Basset. From the top of the hill there are views of the Cornish coast. Carn Brea Castle also stands near the top of the hill. It is built on the site of a chapel built in 1379 probably dedicated to St Michael.  Saint Euny's Well is at the foot of the hill below the castle near St Euny's Church.  

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